MVC - Joint Transportation Committee looking to appoint Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee Members

  • The Joint Transportation Committee is interested in again appointing members to a Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee. The JTC sees the BPAC not just as advisory to it, but promoting awareness and solutions to bicycling and pedestrian mobility independent of the JTC. The JTC is prepared to make appointments and is looking to the group for suggested names. It feels 6 to 8 members – ideally, from across the island – would be the most effective size. The JTC is also considering whether the BPAC should have a voting seat on the JTC, as it considers changes to its procedures.


If you would like to be appointed to the BPAC, please provide me ( the following information by next April 1:

1. Name
2. Address of residence
3. Email address
4. Phone number
5. One sentence explaining why you wish to serve on the BPAC

Responses will be compiled for review and consideration by the JTC.

Hopefully, many of you will wish to commit to the responsibility of regular meetings and participate in actions to move forward bike and pedestrian initiatives on Martha’s Vineyard. Remember, though, that the BPAC meetings will continue to remain open to all, and that it will take more than just a handful of appointed members to affect change. Your continued involvement, in whatever capacity, it strongly encouraged and greatly appreciated.