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Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Committee meetings and are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 5:00 PM at the Town Hall, second floor.  Edgartown Housing Trust meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 4:45 PM at the Town Hall, second floor. For confirmation of meeting dates, please email Arielle Faria at


The goal of the Affordable Housing Committee is to facilitate affordable homes at less than market price, for people who are unable to establish homes in Edgartown due to the high real estate prices. The program is intended to lessen situations of hardship, and to retain a stable and diversified year-round community and workforce in Edgartown.

In 2018, The Affordable Housing Committee continued to plan and design a development of affordable and community rental and ownership opportunities on a town-owned parcel located off Meshacket Road. The Committee has recently acquired title insurance for this parcel and plan to have the RFP ready for submission in the early parts of 2019. The Committee is in the process of acquiring two small lots which will be presented as articles in the next town meeting in addition to other possible land acquisitions in the line-up for affordable housing purposes in 2019.

This Committee continues to work to create unique opportunities for affordable housing in Edgartown. As your appointed committee, we wish to thank the townspeople of Edgartown for their consistent support of all our affordable housing efforts.



The Edgartown Affordable Housing Trust was established as the financial arm of the Edgartown Affordable Housing Committee. The Trust has an active board, who carefully manage and appropriate funds for the purpose of developing affordable and community housing within the Town of Edgartown. As new affordable and community housing plans are created, the board of the Housing Trust will continue to diligently oversee and monitor the funds that are used to fulfill the town’s affordable and community housing goals.

As your appointment Board, we wish to thank the townspeople of Edgartown for their consistent support of the Town’s affordable and community housing efforts.

For further information on the Affordable Housing Committee and Trust or any other inquires please contact Arielle Faria at